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About Therapies

Lindsay Davis, Proprietor

Managing Therapies has always been a fulfilling role for me.  It is satisfying to know that I have been able to provide a purpose built, safe and welcoming space where people can find the help they need. 

I learnt massage while on my own healing journey.  After completing a diploma course in anatomy and physiology in Sydenham, South London,  I went on to teach evening classes for Croydon Council.

During my training I was given the opportunity to experience many different massage venues.  This opened my eyes to the fact that there was a requirement for a venue that met the needs of both the self employed therapist, and of those looking for therapy.  I believe I had the understanding, the time and the resources to make it a reality.

I built Therapies from the shell of a business unit that needed a total overhaul.  It took two years to complete. Therapies opened for business in 2002.  It was a proud day in my life. 

Since then, Therapies has helped several small businesses get established in the area, and has provided guidance and help for people with both mental and physical problems.

Even in these challenging times, THERAPIES holistic therapy centre is still going strong, and doing what it was built to do. 

To book a therapy, use the contact details given on the therapist's page.

For further information on room hire, and general enquiries:

07711 616550

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