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Trish Norton




The theory behind Reflexology, which is a natural and holistic therapy, is that all the different nerves, glands and organs of the body correspond to reflex points on the feet and hands.

As a Reflexologist, I believe that by working these reflex points a deep sense of relaxation is induced.
Toxins which build up in the body, causing crystal deposits, may be broken down and removed, restoring balance.  The body’s own healing abilities are stimulated, promoting healing from within, which may help to alleviate many symptoms.  Physical and emotional health may be improved.

Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and psychological issues can also impact on our health and, therefore, your treatment will be unique to you as a whole person.  How many treatments you have will depend on a number of factors but any treatment plan will be customised to meet your own particular needs. 

I have treated clients living with various conditions, among them, sleep disorders, stress related digestive orders, gout, constipation, stress and anxiety, high blood pressure and cancer.  You do not have to be unwell to benefit from reflexology.  With the stress of modern day living, we can all benefit from some special time.  Time for ourselves, time to relax and to focus on us.  

Reflexology dates back to Ancient Egypt, India and China and can be traced back to 2330 B.C. so is by no means new or untested.  It was introduced to the West in 1913 by Dr. William Fitzgerald, Physician, and further developed by a prominent Therapist, Eunice Ingham, in the 1930s who moved towards treating specific reflex points.

I am a fully qualified Reflexologist with an ABC level 3 Diploma, a full Member of the Association of Reflexologists which demands continuing professional development, and am fully insured to practice.  I have also attended courses for spinal reflexology, reflexology for those living with cancer and a Clinical Skills course at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead.  I hold an Emergency First Aid, Appointed Person certificate. 


Whether you are looking for a treat, or a series of treatments, I look forward to assisting you. 

Reflexology is not a medical treatment, nor a diagnostic therapy.  It should never be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice.

Home visits available.

Reflexology Fees:

£36.00 per session:

30 minute taster sessions: £20 (limited to one per client)


Reiki, pronounced “Ray Kee” is often translated as “Universal Life Energy” . This is not a cold clinical energy but one that is full of love and good intent.  Intent to balance the body's energy system to facilitate the body’s natural healing abilities.

A one off Reiki treatment should be calming and relaxing but over a period of time, Reiki may bring about some very beneficial changes and works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The benefits which may be derived from Reiki have no bearing on age, religion, or beliefs and may include:


  • Deep relaxation

  • Reduced stress and anxiety with a feeling of inner calm and contentment

  • Boosted energy levels

  • Feeling more positive

  • Achieving a strong sense of purpose

  • Realising your own true values and priorities 

Reiki was originally developed and taught by a man called Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s in Japan as a pathway to spiritual & self development and for self healing.  The history of Reiki, along with it’s journey to the West is most interesting and has resulted in Reiki as an energy balancing therapy, with energy (likened to “chi”) channelled through the Practitioner to meet the needs of the recipient. 

During a Reiki treatment, you may feel a tingling sensation, warmth/heat, a feeling of floating or sinking, and usually, deep relaxation.  Everyone is different but whatever you feel, Reiki should provide you with what you need at that particular time and help to produce a state of balance.  You remain fully clothed on a comfortable couch. 

I started my journey with Reiki in 2008 and have trained to Practitioner Level with Reiki Evolution. I have treated clients living with many conditions, as well as clients who find they benefit just from the deep relaxation. Reiki has made an enormous difference to my life, all for the good, and I am delighted to have found it.  I hope that, through Reiki, I can pass these benefits to you.   

Reiki is a safe therapy but is not a substitute for medical treatment.

I will not diagnose, nor claim to cure, and if you have symptoms of illness, you should consult your Doctor. 

Reiki Fees:

£30.00 per session

10% Discount when you book 3 or more appointments

30 minute taster sessions: £20 (limited to one per client

Home visits available.

 07824 429156

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