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Sue Hannaford MCThA ACSMT ITEC (Dip)

Whether you need a massage to relax and de-stress or to address problems with pain, Sue can help.  

She uses advanced massage and bodywork techniques including trigger point therapy, myofascial release and stretching to help relieve acute and longstanding pain conditions such as neck, shoulder and low back pain, wrist and hand RSIs.

Sue is also trained to work with those suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue using myofascial release techniques and works with those who have or have had cancer. She also offers specialist massage for expectant mums.

See Sue's general outline of treatments below or visit her website for more detailed information.  Please feel free to contact her direct by phone or email.

Gift vouchers are also available.

Holistic and Therapeutic Massage

A deeply relaxing massage treatment which aims to reconnect you with your body. Soft and deep tissue massage can be applied to ease muscle spasm and to restore muscle and skin tone.

The holistic approach to massage and bodywork addresses the whole person including the mind/body link and how one’s current lifestyle affects both of these.

Each massage will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and refreshed and will bring balance and harmony to your body as a whole.

Indian Head and Shoulder Massage

Traditional Indian head massage adapted for Western lifestyles, this relaxing treatment concentrates on areas of the body where stress is commonly held.
This gentle but firm massage is given whilst you are seated comfortably in a chair and can be received either fully clothed or with a wrap around towel with oil.

 Pregnancy Massage

Sue's comprehensive pregnancy massage treatment for the whole body is a natural and safe way to relieve muscle tension caused by softening of the joints and an increase in weight.  Providing relief from backache, headaches, general muscles aches and pains, it can help reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue, aid digestion and help with the discomfort of fluid retention.  And it's wonderfully relaxing for both mind and body!

Hot Stone Fusion Massage

Hot Stone Fusion Massage is a luxurious treatment in which specially selected basalt stones are heated and used to massage the body. A creative blend of advanced massage techniques and hot & cold stone therapy, this offers an intensely deep and effective therapeutic treatment which melts tense, sore muscles and calms the mind and warms the body, giving welcome relief from the effects of physical and mental stress.

full range of treatments:
phone: 01883 345295
email: therapies@suehannaford.com
web: www.suehannaford.com

FREE hot stone taster with any massage booked

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